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Service Maintenance, Repair and Replacement


Commercial doors see a lot of use and wear,  the hardware needs regular maintenance for reliable service life.


Lake Lock offers door maintenance service packages. All service packages include;

  • Regular Inspection
  • Proper Lubrication
  • Accurate Adjustments
  • Servicing all brands of Door Closers, Exit / Panic Devices, Hinges, Levers, Push Paddles, Pulls, Mortise Locks, Rim Cylinders, and Removable Core (SFIC / LFIC).


As a member of the Woodbury Area Chamber of Commerce, I meet a lot of business owners who are passionate about their companies. Most owners and managers only think about servicing door hardware when there is an issue. Just think of how many of your customers and employees enter and exit through the doors of your building, yes.. All of them. Everyone who comes to your place of business is having an experience with your doors. Its my job to make sure that experience goes unnoticed, or is enjoyable. When a customer has to fight their way through your door, it puts them in a negative mood.  They will not get the experience the you want to give them.  A simple adjustment of a door closer can make all the difference in your customer’s experience. Replacing warn out door hinges is a lot less expensive than replacing the whole door because it has been rubbing against the mating door so long that it will not close properly anymore.

​  Schedule a free on-site evaluation and inspection to receive the most accurate service quote. Don’t wait for a costly Failure or Lockout.  Preventing a failure leading to costly lockout situations is our goal. Regular maintenance will prolong the service life of your hardware, saving you time and money.  When replacement is necessary, we use only top rated ANSI, UL graded products, guaranteeing reliable service.